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Important update

The team at Eroticgel Australia is proud to notify you all that we are now in partnership with Next to Nothing Australia. Through this partnership, Pepee will be made more widely available.

If you are an existing customer of Next to Nothing Australia, then you will be able to purchase Pepee and Eroticgel Australia products through there. Prices are transparent so will be consistently the same regardless of which distributor you purchase from.

In partnership with Pepee, Eroticgel Australia is an authorized distributor of Japan's No.1 personal water-based lotion for personal use and massage in Australia

PEPEE Lotion

Japan’s No.1 water-based lotion is finally easily available in Australia! PEPEE Lotion has been Japan’s leading water-based lotion for more than 50 years and once you try it for yourself you will understand why.

Similar to Nuru gel in its consistency, Pepee provides a variety of choice for your particular intimate needs. Odourless, tastless and stain free you can be rest assured that your intimate times won’t leave you cleaning up a mess.

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Eroticgel Australia introduces a sleek Black Waterproof Fitted Sheet design that not only stops the bed from getting wet, but also intensifies the sexual experience by providing a slippery surface for your sexual or massage needs.

What is Nuru gel?

Nuru gel which is a water-based liquid massage gel that is odourless, tasteless, latex-safe, non-sticky and stain-free. Use this gel for an unbelievable massage or try it in an all-over erotic body massage technique called Nuru, that originated in Japan.  Nuru means slippery – which is what a great erotic gel is all about.  

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Advantages of Nuru gel

Nuru gel is one of the best lubricants around for sensual and erotic massages. And it has so many advantages that you won’t want to use anything else!

Erotic nuru gel is tastless


Unlike many lotions on the market, Nuru gel is tasteless, which is great if you’re into kissing skin all over.


It’s odourless, so there’s no smell to distract from the experience.

latex safe


It’s latex safe, so there’ll be no damage to sex toys or other latex items.

Easy to Clean

As Nuru gel is a water based gel, simply add pure water to clean up the mess.

As it is water based, nuru gel does not leave a stain

Stain Free

Unlike normal massage oils, Nuru gel won’t leave a mark.

nuru gel does not stain


And it’s non-sticky – hallelujah! There’s nothing worse than a sticky massage gel that gets in all the wrong places!

Eroticgel. Your pleasure is our business.

It will take you to heights other gels haven’t even imagined! So isn’t it time you discovered the sensual delights of Eroticgel?

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