Eroticgel Australia - Only Authorised Distributor of Pepee Lotion within Australia

Established in 2018, Eroticgel Australia is a distributor of adult products with a focus on Japanese adult goods and products used for ‘Nuru Massage’. We are the only authorised seller of Pepee Lotion, Japan’s premier lubricant for 50 years and also create our own products as as the Eroticgel Black Fitted Waterproof Sheet and the Nuru Massage Gel.

As a distributor, we only sell to retailers, but those stores that sell our product are listed in ‘Store Locator’.

Eroticgel Australia Product Catalogue 2020

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Eroticgel waterproof sheet box collection at store
Eroticgel waterproof sheet box collection at store Black Rabbit
eroticgel Pepee 360ml bottle description

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