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Established in 2018, Eroticgel focusing on manufacturing and distributing Sensual Japanese Massage goods and products used primarily for ‘Nuru Massage‘. We are also the only authorized seller of Pepee Lotion, Japan’s premier lubricant for 50 years. Eroticgel also sells our own branded highly popular Waterproof Bedding and accessories. In conjunction with the bedding, we have our exclusive our Japanese-made Nuru Massage Gel, and Nuru Massage Gel Powder.

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Eroticgel Product Range

Eroticgel Pepee Collection of 150ml, 360ml lubricants
Pepee Lotion

Pepee Lotion

Pepee Lotion is a Japanese made water-based lubricant. The company that produces Pepee has been around for more than 50 years and have gotten their creation to perfection providing a multitude of varying types of water-based lubricants.

Waterproof Bedding & Accessories

Waterproof Bedding

The Eroticgel extended waterproof bedding range provides high-quality products at an affordable price. We know that most bedroom activities start with sampling and exploring different ideas with our affordably priced waterproof bedding is ideal. Our promise to you is that this is one bedroom adventure that can leave you satisfied again and again. 


Eroticgel Matsuri 40g, Ori 100g and Konno 200g Display
Nuru Massage Gel Powder

Nuru Massage Gel Powder

The Nuru Massage is a very personal and intimate massage that you should have control over every aspect. With this, you can create the desired consistency of the gel as we give you the flexibility of control. Contains Seaweed and Green Tea Extract.

SAKURA Edition

Nuru Massage Gel Powder -SAKURA Edition

With the success of the Nuru Massage Gel Powder we decided to expand our product range so we would like to introduce to you Sakura Edition. Our latest installment contains not only the popular Seaweed and Green Tea Extract but also introducing the addition of Aloe Vera and Licorice Extract.

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Nuru Massage Gel Powder SAKURA Edition

We have introduced SAKURA  Edition! Everything you love about Nuru Massage Gel Powder but with two additional ingredients.

  • Aloe Vera &
  • Licorice Extract!

For more information follow the link

Nuru Massage Gel Powder 5g UPDATE

Soon we will be re-releasing the Nuru Massage Gel Powder 5g. This product was the first made by Eroticgel and over the last two years, we have learned a lot. Listening to customers’ feedback the packaging will be changed to provide further instructions for ease of use. We are also going to release a shaker bowl made from stainless steel with a bamboo lid with a food-grade seal. Not only does this go inline with the image of the other Nuru Massage Powder varieties but also provides other uses apart from using and storing the massage gel. For this fact, we will not be attaching our trademark ‘Nuru Massage Powder’ logo on the lid.

Eroticgel 5g Nuru Massage Powder Front Sachet
Eroticgel waterproof sheet box collection at store
Eroticgel waterproof sheet box collection at store Black Rabbit

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