July News

I thought it best to update everyone that we are expecting our latest shipment of Pepee Lotion by the end of this month. It is with relief that I can say this as Pepee Back Door has done exceptionally well and we have been unable to keep up with demand. Fingers crossed from July onward we can maintain a steady supply of everyone’s favorite Back Door lubricant.

Our expansion into the US and European market has also increased at a steady rate setting Eroticgel Australia. Keep this space open and when we have some exciting things in the pipeline. Just the News section looked a bit neglected so I thought it best to say Hi at least :).

We have also done a cleanup of the website so you will notice a few different images and some more responsive information. An example would be on our FAQ page where we have provided more in-depth information as well as some helpful photos. Please check it out.

May News

These trying times have been difficult for many as businesses look at ways to make a profit but also maintain a safe distance and follow the government’s rules. Luckily isolation has caused many to rethink their love life and reignite it with some adventurous activities in the bedroom.
Our waterproof bedding given the current climate has been doing exceptionally well and has been met with largely positive reviews. During this time we are also looking towards the future with another purchase of waterproof bedding keep us well-stocked in the coming months.

Eroticgel waterproof sheet box collection at store
Eroticgel waterproof sheet box collection at store Black Rabbit
Eroticgel waterproof sheet box collection at store G - Spot

February News

We are happy to announce that we have received the shipment of our newest products. Taking your feedback into account we have been able to better refine our products to better meet your specific needs. We have increased our waterproof bedding range to provide an increase in size availability, product quality, and also types such as drop sheets, massage sheets, and play sheets.
For potential stores that may wish to sell these products please feel free to contact me on 0406 293 489 or at zcastle@eroticgelaustralia.com.au fora product catalog to either be emailed or posted to your store for further information.
With our products now available in over 50 stores, it is an exciting time as we define our image and work out our companies identity. We are also looking forward to the year ahead and to focus on getting this product into as many consumers as possible.

Eroticgel Extreme Sheet Front with box and waterproof sheet
Eroticgel Pillowcase Waterproof Front Box full description
Eroticgel Drop Sheet 1.5m x 1.5m Front Packaging

September News and Happy Birthday Eroticgel

Heck, what a learning experience and what a year. I don’t think there was anything that would have prepared me for this, and the resilience and trial and error have paid off and we are still here. Well, I say ‘we’ but really, it’s just myself in this business. This makes it difficult if things aren’t going well or poor decisions are made as I just have myself to blame. But on the other side of things, it’s that much more rewarding when things become successful.

I’ll quickly break this update with a nice happy snap from Brisbane Pride Festival 2019. We had a Pepee stall set up to create awareness for the brand and from all reports, it seems to be a success. Such a stressful day but also fantastic to meet a variety of lovely people who hopefully I am convinced to try the Pepee or Eroticgel brand. Fingers crossed!

Brisbane Pride Festival 2019 Pepee Lotion

These past few months have seen from concept to creating new products and redesign of old. The waterproof bedding is more popular than ever with another large order being placed following the new product images and packaging. Who would have thought that you didn’t need to redesign the wheel for a product to take off? Well, I didn’t know it seems. We also have the introduction of Pepee Collectors Edition which is unique to the Pepee brand and provides a nice gift option of 5 x 50ml Lubricants. We can now maintain some level of professionalism with the creation of a product catalog that will see itself being continually updated. There is even a competition if you write a review you can receive a years’ worth of lube as a prize.

Lastly, we have introduced a new product for the Nuru Massage range. Going off the success of the Eroticgel Massage Powder we have made a more authentic Japanese blend and included Seaweed Extract and Green Tea Extract. The presentation and product are amazing, and we are excited to get it into stores. Also, as this product is more in line with massage as opposed to sex, we will be making a push to get into the massage store business.

Expanding to Sydney

Next week we are also commencing a push into the Sydney market which offers so many exciting prospects. We already have meetings lined and feel we can comfortably expand the business in NSW and still maintain a high level of customer and personal support. After the initial consultations, I imagine frequent trips to check on stores and train staff will help in pushing and solidify the brand. Watch this space.

May News

Reviewing the past posts I can’t believe that on the 11th of October, only 6 stores stocked the Pepee product. April is now drawing to a close and Pepee and Eroticgel Australia products are now available in over 31 stores nationwide, as well as massage stores, brothels, and used through private contractors for massage and sexual purposes.
Every week and every new customer brings with it challenges and lessons to be learned, which so far have been successfully dealt with. My first post on this website was the 4th of September, more than 8 months ago. At that time if I knew what I was getting into I probably would have had a hard look in the mirror and talked myself out of it, but here I am.
I also need to understand my limitations and know that there is always going to be companies with more experience than me and that sometimes the wheel doesn’t need to be re-invented.
With this mentality, I am happy to say that Pepee lotion and Eroticgel Australia goods will now be distributed through Nice and Norty Australia along with Eroticgel Australia. What this partnership means is that Pepee lotion will automatically be accessible by more stores than I could hope to achieve in any reasonable amount of time. The team at Nice and Norty Australia bring their wealth of experience and knowledge and I look forward to a long and sustainable relationship.
There will be price transparency between both our companies so what it is with Nice and Norty, it will also cost the same at Eroticgel Australia. It is not expected that suddenly Pepee will be available in every store, but it would be reasonable that Pepee would be available in 2 to 3 times as many stores by this year’s end.
Until next time, take care!

An assortment of Eroticgel Pepee 360ml Lubricants
Eroticgel Pepee Lotion Back Door 360ml demonstrated on hands

March News

A reliable distributor with sole distribution rights means Pepee Lotion is exclusively available through Eroticgel Australia. Approachable and attentive, Eroticgel Australia prides itself on honesty, respect, and efficiency. The same values shared by the owner who spent 7 years as a medic within the Australian Army, serving one tour in Afghanistan 

Stepping it up a gear this March, Eroticgel Australia with its flagship product, Pepee, is now available in 27 stores nationwide. The Toolshed in Sydney and Eagle Leather in Melbourne have jumped aboard and now selling a variety of Pepee lotions as well as Totally Adult on the Sunshine Coast.

I have recently returned from Melbourne on a business trip, meeting the team at Wild Secrets. The fantastic crew who for the last two months have taken my product onboard, with increasing sales every month. Looking forward to a continual and developing working relationship.

5ml sample sachets are now available free to every store. This is to help get customers to change their lotion using habits, and it appears to be a success with word of mouth traveling and more customers requesting something different but of premium quality. 

For new sellers, there is a discount of 10% and with continual and regular purchasing more discounts follow. This is on top of the first-time order which has no minimum order amount, free delivery nationwide, and free promotional material.  

Eroticgel Australia is a growing company that is comfortably meeting the growing demand for its products to sellers. If you would like samples sent to your store, freely contact me at zcastle@eroticgelaustralia.com.au or 0406 293 489.

To join the growing list of sellers within Australia, register at https://eroticgelaustralia.com.au/become-a-seller

December News

Entering December, Christmas has come early for the team at Eroticgel Australia, receiving three large shipments to get us through Christmas and into the New Year. Firstly, our first regular shipment of Pepee has arrived. Adjusting to consumer demands, these shipments will be more regular and increase in size. Now for the big news, the sheets! The black waterproof fitted sheets have arrived and they don’t disappoint. Already on sale in a variety of stores and performing well, the black waterproof fitted sheet will surely become a staple for the avid adventurer in the bedroom, alongside a bottle of Pepee water-based lotion of course.

What’s this new massage lotion you talked about months ago?

We have also just received our shipment of super thick water-based massage lotion. For those that know Nuru massage, then this product would be for you. It also contains extra properties and a moisturizing agent, to keep your skin feeling smooth and fresh long after the massage. Photos of these products will be released soon. Just organizing the professional photographer now.

You’re new, are people buying and reordering?

Eroticgel products are now available in 13 Brisbane stores and slowly following suit, becoming an online presence. As the reputation and knowledge of Pepee are increased, I am sure people’s motivations to get it on their online stores will follow suit. What I do know is for the companies that sell it online, I am needing to restock them at a higher rate than those that only have it available in store.

Do you just sell water-based lotions, waterproof sheets, and a magical gel for ‘Nuru Massage’?

Eroticgel Australia has a focus on supplying high-quality Japanese adult products. Predominantly this is Pepee, the leading water-based lotion, but why not branch off and provide happiness to more people? Well if you check out our website, we are also moving to supply adult toys and clothing, focusing on high-quality school girl uniforms. Watch this space and it should be available in stores soon once product quality testing has been completed.

You said something about advertising before, how did that go?

As Eroticgel Australia is a local Brisbane start-up, we focused our advertising locally and to a specific market. This had a mixed response but overall it was positive and we were able to learn and adapt our future focus. Remember this business was only an idea on a piece of paper a few months ago.

Pepee is a well-known product in Japan, but in Australia, it is relatively new and unknown. Pepee’s variety, silkiness, and thickness make it stand out above the rest, and the shop staff needs to educate the customers on this. To aid in this education a spreadsheet of Pepee’s most popular water-based lotions has been compiled, almost a cheat sheet for which lotion will work best for you. This will be made available to all stores and is recommended to be displayed online in conjunction with the product images.

You’re rambling, what about advertising?

Well yes, I do talk a bit. Well starting in mid-December, Eroticgel Australia will be advertising in the Synergy magazine. By grabbing the bull by the horns and going directly to the people that make the decisions about what products to sell. In the future, Eroticgel Australia will run concurrent advertising campaigns, but right now we are trying to iron out the creases.

What next?

Well as Eroticgel Australia wants to go nationwide and the team is Brisbane based, we are looking to update our website so stores all over Australia can make purchase requests. Once this starts happening, we will get on the road (preferably a plane) and go to these stores to track the development and see what help we can provide. Furthermore, we are expanding our range of goods, increasing customer support, and overall growth as a company.

Keep tuned for further updates!

Interested in becoming a seller then head here or contact me at zcastle@eroticgelaustralia.com.au

31st October 2018

What a month! Pepee is now available in ten stores within Brisbane and by the end of the month, you can also get some thick long-lasting lotion in Sydney at the Everything Adult store in Haymarket. November is an exciting time for the Eroticgel Team as three large container shipments are due for delivery.

Firstly, there are those pesky black water-proof fitted sheets that everyone is chasing down. Rest assured they will be delivered to your store and on the shelves in the last week of November, ready for the Christmas rush. We then have the Eroticgel Nuru Nuru lotion, which is thicker than Pepee and allows for an authentic Nuru massage. Additionally, it contains ingredients to moisturize the skin. Following on from that the boxes for the sachets will have arrived, which means you can make your massage gel or sensual lotion at home to your specifications. Perfect for that weekend getaway. There is even a party pack for those naughty social gatherings. Lastly, we have the first of the large Pepee shipments. From now on it is expected to be delivered once a month, ensuring to keep up with the demand (there is a fine line between overstocking and understocked).

From only a simple concept just over two months ago to a happily growing business, Eroticgel Australia is grateful for the continual support of the sellers and mentors that have assisted me and let me grow. I am learning fast and trying to make this a slick well-oiled machine without too many mistakes.

For those who read Q-News, keep an eye out for last week’s issue. Thanks to Destiny there is a lovely half-page article on me and the business. Furthermore, commencing from last week, there will be a two-month advertising campaign in Q-News to get the awareness of the product out to people. Other platforms are also considered with the January edition of Synergy to play a large part in expanding nationally.

Check out eroticgelaustralia.com.au to find your local supplier today!

11th October 2018

These last few weeks have been hectic. Three steps forward and a step back, at least I am heading in the right direction (I hope!). Eroticgel Australia is now a wholesaler distributor. Removing myself from the shackles of also trying to manage retail sales, I can focus on finding new stores to spread the joy that is Pepee Lotion. As of now there is six stores that stock Pepee Lotion in Brisbane and I will list them down below. Hopefully with perseverance, the number of stores selling Pepee gradually increase and just in time for Christmas.

Mentioning Christmas… I have got some fantastic gift ideas. A cute anime character that was designed to promote safe sex (the character is a cute condom) is the Pepee Original but just in a cute bottle. Secondly for something more formal Pepee Original comes in 50ml and 200ml gift boxes. Discreet and elegant it will surely raise a smile.

Now as Pepee is relatively new to the Australian market many people are apprehensive about it, and so you should be! Some new and fantastic product that is all in Japanese… can I trust it? You may ask. Well yes you can. Pepee may be new here but for the past 50 years it has been growing in Japan and leading the market for the past 20. Also, water-based you can use it with the reassurance that it is a high-quality product. Betcha you wished you found it first!

Before I sign off ill mention that the Q-News Edition 466 being released at the end of the month has an article in it about me (Thanks Destiny, I know you have been super busy with everything else, so thankyou for making the time). This will also launch a 12 week media campaign to increase awareness about Pepee.

So please, if you want to try this product, check out the stores below, or even better for me, go hassle your local Adult Entertainment Store and ask if they sell Pepee, and if they don’t give’m my number

Till next time, take care

  • Black Rabbit Premium Leather
  • Eve’s Kiss – Woolloongabba             
  • Club 29 – Fortitude Valley
  • Naughty but Nice – Taringa
  • Naughty but Nice – Tanah Merah
  • Adult Wonderland – Annerley     

25th September 2018

As September enters its last week it has been a time to reflect as a company and solidify our direction going forward. Pride month in Brisbane is drawing to a close with a fantastic festival been held on the weekend at New Farm Park. Congratulations for all those that participated in the event and the continual support for the community. Keep an eye out for QNews and QDirectory that will be providing more information about my product and where to buy it from.
Eroticgel Australia has been busy at work finding local retailers to provide Pepee to consumers. By November there will be several stores that will stock your soon to be favourite water-based lotion. By mid November the waterproof sheet and travel massage kit will also be freely available so ensure to keep an eye out at your local store.

10th September 2018

It is with delight that Eroticgel Australia’s products are available in store. Black Rabbit Premium Leather.

Seventeen Mile Rocks, Brisbane is proud to be the first store in Australia to sell Pepee branded lotion. Come down and check it out. I was also fortunate enough to meet International Miss Leather and discuss my product. A chance encounter.

In other news, I met with the lovely people at QNews and did an interview, as well as handed out some samples. They were generous enough to help publicize my new start-up business on their Facebook page, so in two weeks, I will feature in the QNews magazine. Keep an eye out!

Eroticgel Australia Introduces a Sensational New Lotion In Australia

4th September 2018

Eroticgel Australia is a new Brisbane based company that specializes in water-based lubricants.

I recently returned from Japan after a year studying Japanese in Sapporo. During this, I was exposed to a variety of new experiences and something that caught my attention was a water-based lotion called Pepee. On trying it out I was impressed that the viscosity was much thicker than anything you could get within Australia and the price was much more affordable. I feel that using Pepee, it lasted longer and also stayed in place. So if using a toy, it would continue to bind to it, and not just slip off.

In my research, I found that Pepee was not easily available in Australia, and what I could find was only a standard formulation. So I contacted the company that sells Pepee in Japan. So now I can happily say that with our new partnership, I can finally bring it to Australia in larger quantities and a variety of choices for everyone’s needs.

This business is only three weeks old, but I am determined to make this a success and for every challenge, I face I will overcome it. For every mistake I make, I will learn. So today I bring you awareness of my product.

Key features

  • Water-based
  • Slippery and non-sticky
  • Long-lasting
  • Odorless
  • Tasteless
  • Stain-free and easy to clean with water
  • Silicon and Latex safe


  • Full body NURU massage
  •  Can be used as a lotion or gel
  • Sensual massage

 I also have 5000ml of Pepee available that would be great for party uses.

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