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Zachary Castle – Wholesale Distributor/ Owner of Paladin Knight

Paulatim, little by little. An ethos I lived by for seven years as a Medic in the Australian Army, an ethos I am applying to business.

My name is Zachary Castle, the creator of Eroticgel.

Established in 2018, our company has been on a journey to provide quality massage products without the hefty price tag. Not finding what we wanted and not satisfied with the ingredients, we decided to create our own. Many products contained harmful chemicals and questionable ingredients, so we searched for companies we could trust and started a great working relationship.


“It's not what you put in your product, but what you decide to leave out”

We provide a natural alternative to the standard massage gels and powders. Our goal was to create a product that you could have confidence in using, and when it came to reading the list of ingredients, you would be satisfied in knowing that your body would be safe from anything harmful. All our products are Water-based, Paraben, & Glycerine Free.

Partnership with the brand Pepee Lotion

In partnership with Nakajima Chemical Industry co., Ltd., Japan, Paladin Knight Pty Ltd is the first and sole distributor of Japan’s No.1 lotion, PepeePepee, which also goes by the name Pepe ペペローション, has been delivering excellence in Japan for the past 50 years. We have been working closely for more than two years and have a fulfilling and successful relationship. 

Pepee is a highly concentrated water-based lotion that is comparably thicker than other European brands. It has a silky texture, long-lasting, and due to its high concentration level, Pepee should use only a tiny amount. It is due to this high concentration that Pepee is Japan’s most popular. 

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