The Creator

Zachary Castle – Wholesale Distributor/ Owner of Eroticgel Australia

Paulatim, little by little. An ethos I lived by for seven years as a Medic in the Australian Army, an ethos I am applying to business.

My name is Zachary Castle and the creator and owner of Eroticgel Australia.

From the age of 18 I enlisted as a medic and rose to the rank of corporal, completing my Bachelor or Clinical Practice and Charles Sturt University whilst serving. During this time, I was exposed to varying levels of adversity and challenges that I had no other option but to become resilient and overcome. It was during this time that I was fortunate enough to deploy as a platoon medic to Afghanistan for nine months although with this brought new challenges.

On my return from Afghanistan I required a change in direction and wanted to travel more so I went on to become a CELTA teacher and traveled to Sapporo, Japan for one year. It was during this time that I discovered Pepee Lotion and its amazing attributes. On my return to Australia I recognized there was a market for this product and that I would be the one bringing it into Australia.

Brisbane Pride Festival 2019 Pepee Lotion

An Idea is Made

Whilst spending a year studying Japanese in the city of Sapporo I was able to experience the many wonders that Japan had to offer. The culture, the food and the people all provided an enriching and life changing experience. During this time my friends would often hint that I should try a massage that truly could only be experienced in Japan.

This massage, the Nuru experience, was eye opening in that no other massage had done for me. The Nuru gel with its slippery yet non-stick properties, tasteless and odourless blend is all that its cracked up to be. To be used either for the ‘Nuru experience’ or a simple massage gel or lubricant for sexual pleasure, Nuru gel is something to be experienced.

On my return to Australia I thought to try this product once more but was disappointed with the difficulty in finding something to the high standard that I experienced in Japan and at an affordable price to match. It was then that I started the business ‘Eroticgel’ with the aim to provide the same high standard Nuru gel at a more affordable price, so others may have the ‘Nuru experience’.

So, in conjunction with my friends in Japan I can provide Australia with a product equal to what you can experience in Japan and in two strengths. The Nuru standard and the Nuru Platinum which is 4 times the strength of standard.

Try either Nuru standard or Nuru Platinum today and enjoy the Eroticgel experience.

Company Information

Eroticgel Australia is an Australian based company established in 2018 that specializes in erotic water-based massage gels and lotions.

Eroticgel Australia manufactures and supplies its personal erotic water-based gel that has been available since 2018. There is two products with different levels of viscosity and available in 250ml, 1000ml and 5000ml. They are branded as Standard and Platinum. Due to personally manufacturing this product, production costs are reduced, allowing this product to be competitively priced for the market place.

In conjunction with the manufacturing of the water-based gel, Eroticgel Australia is also providing waterproof fitted sheets for single, queen king and superking-sized beds with the option of a waterproof envelope pillow case as well as massage sheets, drop sheets and play sheets.

We are onto our second order with increased product quality and variety of options that will see sexual play in the bedroom taken to a new level with a sleek black waterproof fitted sheet allowing bedroom play to not get too messy. These  TPU laminated sheets will be competitively priced to allow a more affordable play time.

Eroticgel Australia is also pleased to announce its partnership with Nakajima chemical industry co., Ltd., Japan, which will see Japan’s No.1 sexual lotion, Pepee, brought to the Australian market. With a competitive price and quick delivery, it is expected that once knowledge of the product is known, popularity in Australia will increase.


In partnership with Nakajima chemical industry co., Ltd., Japan, Eroticgel Australia is the first and sole distributor of Japans No.1 sexual lotion, Pepee. Pepee lotion which is commonly referred to as Pepe Lotion ペペローション has been delivering excellence in Japan for the past 50 years.

Pepee Lotion is a highly concentrated water-based lubricant that is comparably thicker than other European brands. It has a silky texture, long lasting and due to its high concentration level, only a small amount is needed. It is due to this high concentration that Pepee Lotion is Japan’s most popular. Due to its high viscosity the lotion stays in place which is great for toy use and anal play. 

Pepee Lotion is already an established brand in Japan with over 15 varieties of lotion which can suit anyone’s requirement. As it is already well established and tested, Eroticgel Australia can provide a variety of types to meet your specific clientele.                                                                                                                                                               

The standard size is 360ml, but some varieties allow 50ml and 200ml options, although the 360ml bottle is the most popular and well known of the sizes.

Just what is a Nuru Massage?

Both partners start with wet skin., so straight from the shower is perfect. Warmed Eroticgel is mixed with some warm water to give it the perfect consistency to apply liberally to the entire body of both partners. The massage is carried out by body part on body part. One partner lies down, preferably on a Nuru sheet that does not absorb the gel. The other partner then positions themselves on top, using their full body to massage the other, getting the widest physical contact possible. This arouses strong sensations in both partners that can lead to a very intense experience.

Of course, a nuru massage is not the only way to use Eroticgel. You can apply it to wet skin and use your hands to massage it as you wish.

It’s easy to remove because it’s water-based. Simply rinse off with water.

Advantages of Eroticgel

Eroticgel is one of the best lubricants around for sensual and erotic massages. And it has so many advantages that you won’t want to use anything else!

Erotic nuru gel is tastless


Unlike many gels on the market, Nuru gel is tasteless, which is great if you’re into kissing skin all over.


it’s odourless, so there’s no smell to distract from the experience.

latex safe


It’s latex-safe, so there’ll be no damage to sex toys or other latex items.


As Nuru gel is a water based gel, simply add pure water to clean up the mess.

As it is water based, nuru gel does not leave a stain


Unlike normal massage pils, Nuru gel won’t leave a mark.

nuru gel does not stain