Eroticgel Australia introduces a sensational new lotion to Australia

Eroticgel Australia is a new Brisbane based company that specializes in water-based lubrication.

I recently returned from Japan after a year studying Japanese in Sapporo. During this time I was exposed to a variety of new experiences and something that caught my attention was a water-based lube called Pepee. On trying it out I was impressed that the viscosity was much thicker than anything you could get within Australia and also the price was much more affordable. I feel that using Pepee, it lasted longer and also stayed in place. So if using a toy, it would continue to bind to it, and not just slip off.

In my research I found that Pepee was not easily available in Australia, and what I could find was only a standard formulation. From this I contacted Pepee in Japan, and now I can happily say that with our new partnership, I can finally bring it to Australia in larger quantities and a variety of choices for everyone’s need.

This business is only three weeks old, but I am determined to make this a success and for every challenge I face, it will be overcome. For every mistake I make, I will learn. So today I bring you awareness of my product.

Key features

  • Water-based
  • Slippery and non-sticky
  • Long lasting
  • Odourless
  • Tastless
  • Stain free and easy to clean with water
  • Silicon and Latex safe


Full body NURU massage
Can be used as a lubricant
Sensual massage
Foot massage
Plus many more…

I also have 5000ml of Pepee avaliable which would be great for party uses. So if you have any questions, comments or words of advice, I would definetly appreciate it.

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