FAQ sur la lotion Pepee

What is Pepee Lotion?

Pepee, pronounced ‘peh peh’ is a thick, long-lasting water-based lotion. It is odourless, tasteless, non-sticky and the most viscous lotion you will find on the market. What is its use? Pepee is a sensual lotion and massage gel. It provides smooth lubrication and rinses away with water. Also, it is excellent as a massage gel that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Pourquoi est-il si épais?

Pepee has a wide selection of lotions, but most are thick and silky, except for Pepee Organic. It is just something unique to the Pepee brand and what sets it apart from other lotions. As it is so thick, you only need to use a little bit to get results, and by adding water, you can extend its use. A thickness you are more familiar with Pepee Organic and Pepee Wankers would be a good starting point.

Comment l'utiliser?

Comme Pepee est très épais, vous n'avez pas besoin de beaucoup pour obtenir l'effet souhaité. Vous commencez par presser le flacon et faites tourner votre main pour attraper tout le gel (cela s'appelle le «tourbillon de Pepee») et appliquez sur la zone que vous voulez.

Que se passe-t-il quand il sèche?

Pepee Lotion est une lotion à base d'eau. Comme toutes les lotions à base d'eau, elle se dessèchera avec le temps. Si vous constatez que Pepee commence à sécher, appliquer un peu d'eau pour réactiver les cristaux de poudre redonnera vie à la lotion. Il deviendra instantanément soyeux et augmentera votre temps de jeu.

Existe-t-il un produit sans glycérine?

Glycerine can cause unwanted reactions to some people, so if this does happen, we recommend to cease using immediately, and if symptoms persist, please consult a physician. Luckily Pepee provides glycerine free options so you can still enjoy the experience but without the added risk. Pepee Original is the most popular and most versatile of the Pepee range and is glycerine free. It is, in fact, the companies’ flagship product. The other choices are ‘Cool Mint’, ‘Wankers’, and Omega 3 what are also glycerine-free alternatives.

Dois-je me laver avec du savon après avoir utilisé Pepee?

Pepee is a water-based lotion that does not leave the skin feeling oily or sticky. Just let Pepee dry out on the skin, leaving your skin nice and smooth. There is no need to wash after use as you won’t get that feeling of stickiness or tackiness. But be warned! It is best to dry your hands with a towel as although the skin feels smooth and clean the powder crystals may still be present. Only when you start to sweat or make contact with water will it become a comical first experience.

Puis-je utiliser la lotion Pepee pour le massage Nuru?

If you have watched a Japanese adult film where they get all covered in gel, it is safe to say it is with Pepee. So popular Pepee is in Japan, you will be hard-pressed to find a Japanese male that has never heard of it before. We recommend using Pepee Original as this is the most versatile of the lotions. Further mixing it with warm water will increase the longevity of the lotion. Other options include the Gel de massage en poudre Nuru et SAKURA Edition.

Massage Nuru

First, apply to the area you want to massage and rub it into your skin. As it is water-based, adding a little water will reactivate the powder, increasing the gel’s life. For more information on Nuru Massage, please suivez le lien.

Qu'est-ce que le massage Nuru?

Standard massages target specific areas, such as the back, feet, or neck, but have you ever imagined having your whole body partake in an erotically fulfilling massage? Well, that’s what happens during a Nuru Massage. The whole body with its different senses helps to create a memorable experience to not only ease stress but to unlock the doors to a pleasure you never thought existed.

Pour plus d'informations sur Nuru Massage, rendez-vous sur Massage Nuru

Gel de massage en poudre Nuru
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Un assortiment de lubrifiants Eroticgel Pepee 360 ml
Lotion Pepee

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