Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress

Eroticgel Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress

The Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress created by Eroticgel is more durable and comfortable than other similar products on the market set to deliver a splendorous Nuru Massage.

We have read all the feedback about similar air mattress products available on the market and used that feedback to create a truly great product.

The Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress is the perfect accessory to experience a Nuru Massage’s fantastic thrill with a full-size luxury mattress. The Nuru Massage Gel is water-soluble and non-sticky to allow easy cleanup. Our Nuru Air Inflatable Mattress provides a controlled environment that retains your Nuru Massage Gel and allows you and your partner to slip and slide freely.

With the ability to hold the weight of 200 kg there is more than enough capacity for two people plus even maybe a third that will bring your Nuru Massage session to the next level and be taking your breath away!

About the Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress

Increased Durability

We have improved the thickness of the Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress to 0.5mm. Similar products are 0.4mm – 0.45mm. The product’s weight is a further one kg heavier than the competition, but we feel it is worth it.

Electric Air Pump Included

So things have gotten heated, and you and your partner have decided on a Nuru Massage. You commonly need to manually pump the air mattress unless you have an electric pump handy which in most cases you don’t. Just as well the Nuru Air Inflatable Mattress has with it included an AC240V 50Hz Air Pump. Inflates and Deflates in minutes.

Increased Versatility with No Logo Marks

Most companies like to advertise their logo on the products, and similar air mattresses have large and unappealing logos. Although this doesn’t affect the quality of the product, it does affect the versatility. The Nuru Air Inflatable Mattress by Eroticgel can be used and taken anywhere as for all intents and purposes it is just a black inflatable mattress.

What does it protect me against?

  • Massage Oil
  • Water-based Lubricant 
  • Silicone Lubricant 
  • Crisco Butter

Product Features

  • Full-size luxury inflatable / deflatable mattress 
  • Quick-release valve for deflation 
  • Inflates in minutes (Electric Air Pump included) 
  • Made with smooth surface material to slip and slide freely with Nuru Gel 
  • Mattress surface does not absorb liquid, allow retention of Nuru Gel on your body 
  • Raised-type, comfortable and good buoyancy 
  • Use it on a flat surface or even in a pool 
  • Portable, compact, good storage size  
  • Durable 

Setup And Usage Instructions

First, inflate and place the Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress in a room where the temperature will remain warm throughout the massage session. The ideal temperature ranges between 23-26 Degrees Celsius, which can be adjusted by the masseuse and massage recipient.
Once the mattress lies in place, place a large towel across the Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress head. Next, lay down two smaller towels on a side table close by, one of which will be placed underneath the Nuru Massage Gel, leaving the other towel available for cleanup.
Be aware that the gel is water-soluble and will lose its potent slippery properties if too much water is mixed in with the solution.
Be sure to create the right illumination and atmosphere for the massage. Some prefer to reduce lighting sources and create an intimate private setting, while others prefer to use a bright shine.

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