Stress has become a way of life for most of us, and due to work and daily living, stress accumulates at a higher rate than we can comfortably manage. Diet, exercise and meditation are sought after remedies and also massage. Massage to ease the stress and boost the rejuvenation of both your body and mind. Additionally, added benefits of specific massages can be the ignition of sexual energy and an erotically fulfilling experience. The ideal massage for this is call Nuru Massage.

What is Nuru massage?

Standard massages target specific areas, such as the back, feet or neck, but have you evert imagined having your whole body partake in an erotically fulfilling massage? Well, that’s what happens during a Nuru Massage. The whole body with its different senses helps to create a memorable experience to not only ease stress but to unlock the doors to a pleasure you never thought existed.

Is there a history associated with the Nuru Massage?

Yes! Nuru Massage originates from ancient Japan, Kawasaki in particular. The word “NURU” is the Japanese word for “slippery or smooth”. Slippery in this sense represents the fact that for the Nuru Massage to occur, the partners (masseuse and recipient) will have their bodies covered in Nuru Massage gel.

Nuru massage Gel…

Without the Nuru Massage gel, Nuru Massage will not take place. It is the gel that provides the slippery feel that allows the body to slide during the process. Originally, the Nuru Massage gel was made from natural Seaweed which is colourless and odourless, but manufacturing is made difficult due to the short lifespan of the product, so most companies use artificial additives. Eroticgel Australia provides both varieties as we understand that although we want to be sexually fulfilled during a Nuru Massage, we may not necessarily have the budget to go completely authentic. We provide both the Mura Mura Nuru gel, Pepee Lotion which is a fantastic substitute and also glycerine free and Nuru Massage Powder which contains Seaweed Extract and Green Tea Extract. You can also add Extra ingredients such as chamomile and azulene to the gel for maximum effect.

How to use it…

To do a Nuru Massage, you must understand the process and what it entails to help you maximize it. Generally, this massage allows for a great deal of creativity and spontaneity that allows you and your partner enjoy a high level of arousal.

Before you begin…

As a way of preparing, there are important factors to consider, especially if the massage is not done in a massage parlour. You must consider:

  • Nuru mattress

If you are considering a Nuru Massage then you have probably watched it on-line before or spoken to someone who has had it. They will talk about using an air mattress that is made from vinyl so not to absorb the gel, which otherwise wouldn’t give the slippery effect needed for an amazing Nuru experience. But this also takes time to prepare, more space then you have in your bedroom and maybe the kids won’t be too pleased seeing you in the loungeroom romping around. So, to fix this issue, we at Eroticgel Australia created a Sleek, Sexy, Black Waterproof Fitted Sheet that has a TPC lamination which allows you to slip and slide on your bed without the gel absorbing into the mattress. Being machine washable and dryer safe, this is a much more preferable choice. Simply put the sheet on the bed as start your Nuru exploration.   

  • Wetness

With Nuru massage, if the bodies are extremely wet, it enhances the sensual experience. A great way to get the body wet and in the right mood is by taking a hot tub bath or hot shower bath. The wetness allows for easy body sliding, the major characteristic of a Nuru Massage. Also, during the massage you can simply add water to reactivate the granules found in the gel. But be careful as this will make it extremely slippery and you may fall.

  • Setting

The atmosphere during a Nuru Massage is very important as it has the potential to enhance or inhibit the pleasures. For best results, consider a romantic and warm setting. You can use mood lighting, music, candles or incense, flower petals (sprinkled on the ground) etc. Just be very creative.

  • The Nuru gel

To prepare the Nuru gel for use, mix it with warm water to your preferred consistency. Keep this mixture close to the bed or table.

The massage…

The Nuru Massage gel is applied to the entire body with the hand. The masseuse gradually massages it into the body of the recipient, beginning from the least sensitive to the most sensitive parts. As it progresses, the stress and pains in the muscles begin to ease gradually while the masseuse applies more pressure with the arm, leg, breast, buttocks and of course the hand.

Meanwhile, the Nuru Massage process is a sensual combination of athletic body control, intentional touch, body and sensual sliding, sacred tantric techniques, all combined in a systematic way that produces an intimate experience.

A vital part of a Nuru Massage is communication. As the masseuse does the magic, he or she has to observe the responses of the recipient. To enjoy more intimate connection and satisfaction during a Nuru Massage, verbal communication, eye contact and other non-verbal communication are important.

After the massage…

At the end of a Nuru Massage session, there is always a harmonious balance between the body and mind. A window of self-discovery (at a sensual and mental level) opens up, to allow you enjoy a better and more fulfilled life.

Why do people have Nuru Massage and why do they consider it fun?

Nuru massage is a more sensual massage that creates an experience different from traditional massage. It is a creative means that couples can explore to spice up their relationship (especially their sex life), which allows them to be comfortable in their own skin.


  • Releases stress and tension which builds up from work, relationships and everyday hustle and bustle, which is our reality in this age.
  • Relaxes the muscles and allows you to really breathe.
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin. The Nuru Massage gel is a very good moisturizer that brings a lot of health benefit to the skin.
  • Boosts well-being. A Nuru Massage puts you on the better side of health.
  • Releases toxins (that cause diseases) from the body.
  • Exfoliates the mind, by peeling off dead ideas and giving ample room for new ideas and innovations to flourish.
  • Improves sexual relationship and intimacy. Nuru Massage creates an intimate connection between partners, in the most seductive way. Plus, it breaks all sexual barriers and inhibitions that prevent them from attaining the peak in their sexual experience.
  • Boosts body confidence by making the female feels sexier and the man more confident.
  • Increases libido.

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The benefits of Nuru Massage are plentiful and Nuru Massage Powder maintains these benefits but with two extra additions. These are Seaweed Extract and Green Tea Extract.

Seaweed Extract

What is Seaweed Extract?

Seaweed has been around for about 3 billion years now. It is something between an animal and a plant.     Seaweed has been used as an effective treatment for conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and Acne. Seaweed reacts with protein to form a gel which has a distinctly moisturising effect on the skin. Creams and soothing facial masks can have a positive effect on problems such as facial wrinkles.

The main component of the gel for Nuru Massage is the sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan, which is obtained from the leaves of the seaweed plant Sphaerotrichia divaricata. This allows the gel to become slippery, providing the widest possible physical contact, which helps in triggering sensations designed to relieve stress.

Benefits of Seaweed Extract

  1. Improves the suppleness and the elasticity of your skin.
  2. It acts as an anti-ageing and anti-cellulite agent.
  3. It detoxifies, tones and cleanses the skin. It can stimulate the renewal of damaged skin cells.
  4. It moisturises and smoothes the skin.

Green Tea Extract

What is Green Tea Extract?

If there is such a thing as a “super ingredient,” then Green Tea Extract is it. This extract is harvested from certain types of green teas and it can be found in a wide range of skin care products. Polyphenols in creams and lotions may also slow signs of aging and reduce sagging skin and wrinkles.

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

    1. The primary benefit of Green Tea Extract is as an antioxidant—and it is one of the more powerful antioxidants, helping protect your skin against environmental pollutants.
    2. Flavonoids also appear to boost immune response in skin cells, making skin better able to protect itself against external toxins.
    3. Research also shows that the catechins in Green Tea Extract act as a sunblock and as a way to reduce signs of aging in sun-damaged skin.
    4. Green tea is an anti-inflammatory agent, so it will soothe your skin and help prevent redness.