What is Nuru Massage?

Standard massages target specific areas, such as the back, feet, or neck, but have you ever imagined having your whole body partake in an erotically fulfilling massage? Well, that’s what happens during a Nuru Massage. With its different senses, the entire body helps create a memorable experience to ease stress and unlock the doors to a pleasure you never thought existed.

You apply the Nuru Massage to the entire body with your hand. The masseuse gradually massages it into the recipient’s body, beginning from the least sensitive to the most sensitive parts. As it progresses, the muscles’ stress and pains gradually ease while the masseuse applies more pressure with the arm, leg, breast, buttocks, and of course, the hand.

Meanwhile, the Nuru Massage process is a sensual combination of athletic body control, intentional touch, body and hot sliding, and sacred tantric techniques, all combined systematically to produce an intimate experience.

What makes Nuru Massage Different?

Nuru Massage is a more sensual massage that creates an experience different from traditional massage. It is a creative means that couples can explore to spice up their relationship (especially their sex life), which allows them to be comfortable in their skin.

Nuru Massage Origins

Nuru Massage originates from ancient Japan, Kawasaki in particular. “NURU” is the Japanese word for “slippery or smooth”. Slippery, in this sense, represents the fact that for the Nuru Massage to occur, the partners (masseuse and recipient) will have their bodies covered in Nuru Massage Gel.

Considering a NURU MASSAGE?

Before you begin preparing, there are some factors to consider if this is your first time. You must think:

Nuru Mattress

If you are considering a Nuru Massage, you have probably watched it on-line before or spoken to someone who has had it. There are many options available, but to get the most from the massage, you want a waterproof non-absorbent surface. The main factor is time. At Eroticgel provide both waterproof fitted sheets and inflatable products to ensure your Nuru Massage experience is satisfying and a success. Our biggest seller and most popular product are the Black Waterproof Fitted Sheet. It will allow you to slip and slide on your bed without the gel absorbing into the mattress with its TPC lamination. Being machine washable and dryer safe, this is a much more preferable choice. Just put the sheet on the bed to start your Nuru exploration.


With Nuru Massage, the bodies need to be wet to enhance the sensual experience. A great way to get the body ready and in the right mood is by taking a hot bath or shower before starting. The wetness allows for easy body sliding, which is a significant characteristic of a Nuru Massage. Also, during the Nuru Massage keep a bowl of warm water nearby as you can add water to reactivate the granules found in the gel. But be careful as this will make it very slippery, so keep a towel handy to dry off.


The atmosphere during a Nuru Massage is essential as it can enhance or inhibit the pleasures. For best results, consider a romantic and warm setting. You can use mood lighting, music, candles or incense, flower petals (sprinkled on the ground) etc. Just be very creative and have fun.

Nuru Massage Gel

To prepare the Nuru Massage gel for use, mix it with warm water to your preferred consistency. Keep this mixture close to the bed or table.

Without the Nuru Massage gel, Nuru Massage will not take place. It is the gel that provides the slippery feel that allows the body to slide during the process. Initially, we made the Nuru Massage gel from natural Seaweed which is colourless and odourless. Still, manufacturing is made difficult due to the product’s short lifespan, so most companies use artificial additives. Eroticgel Australia provides both varieties. We understand that although we want to have a sexually fulfilling experience during the Nuru Massage, we may not necessarily have the budget to go completely authentic. We provide both the Nuru Massage Gel, Pepee Lotion, and Nuru Massage Gel Powder which contains both Seaweed and Green Tea Extract. We have recently introduced SAKURA Edition, similar to Nuru Massage Gel Powder but with two added ingredients Aloe Vera and Licorice Extract.

Nuru Massage Gel Powder
SAKURA Edition
An assortment of Eroticgel Pepee 360ml Lubricants
Pepee Lotion

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