Cool Mint 360ml


Cool Mint 360ml


‘If I want hot steaming loving, I want Cool Mint with a crescendo of menthol’

The appealing Pepee Cool Mint 360ml bottle appeals to the senses with the splashing of water giving the bottle a refreshing look. Once opened, Pepee Cool Mint has a smell not dissimilar to a mint candy.

The sensation of Pepee Cool Mint is its most special feature. Once applied the cold sensation will last for a good 10 minutes before returning to room temperature, which is fantastic for those Summer months.

The feeling of Pepee Cool Mint on your skin with a cool breeze is exhilarating, coupled with the silky viscosity, this will surely not disappoint. Recommended if you are experimenting with a lube for an altogether different sensation.

**Glycerin Free**

Ideal for

  • Mint scented massage
  • Those that are hypersensitive to other scented lubricants
  • General purpose water-based lubricant


Tips for massage using Cool Mint

  • Make sure to have a small bowl of water or spray bottle near by. Depending on how vigorous the massage may be, the water-based lubricant, like all water-based lubricants can dry. By simply applying a small amount of water, the crystals will reactivate allowing for a longer massage duration.
  • Running the bottle under hot water or placing in the microwave aids in heating up the lubricant.
  • When finished, wipe down with a towel first. This should be enough, but if you wash your hands/body without wiping with a towel, the crystals will reactivate.

For first time users of Pepee lotions, the thickness may be off putting. What sort of lubricant is so thick you may think? Well Pepee products are multi-purpose in that they can be used for personal use and also as a massage lotion. Once on the skin it feels amazingly silky and soft, just add a little bit of water and see how effortlessly it glides on your skin. You don’t even need to wipe it off, but let it naturally dry and feel how soft it leaves your skin.

Give it a go today, and remember that Japan is the leading performer in adult products, and Pepee is well known and trusted within Japan. Yes Pepee is something different, but different can be amazing, different can lead to change. Pepee stands out from the crowd, it’s not worried about different, it wants to be unique.



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GST free

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