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Eroticgel Massage Table Sheet Front Packaging

Waterproof Massage Table Fitted Sheet

Designed for a massage table 83 x 203 cm long, the Massage Table Fitted sheet provides all-round protection for the massage enthusiast. With elasticated sides and two Velcro straps underneath, it ensures the sheet is well fitted and no unnecessary movement. This product comes in two choices with the option of a face hole.


Safe against

  • Silicone Lube
  • Waterbased Lube
  • Crisco
  • Advanced Oil Protection

Our latest products all contain an increase in protection for a variety of lubricants and specifically oil-based products. What this does is it allows further flexibility in use and tailor for wider use within the community.

More so, we have increased the color fastness so that it stays sleek, sexy, and black for even longer. The material is still machine washable and dryer safe but we just ask that you remove any access fluid from the material prior to washing.

*Noiseless *Hypoallergenic

Two Eroticgel Waterproof pillowcases on top of one another


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