Waterproof Massage Sheet for Massage Table with Face Cutout

Introducing the Waterproof Massage Sheet with Face Hole Cutout

This contains a fitted massage sheet 190 x 80 cm made from the new reiteration of our popular waterproofing material.

It comes with Velcro straps to provide more stability for the massage table.

It can be used for Oil-based products.

Safe against

  • Silicone Lube
  • Waterbased Lube
  • Crisco
  • Advanced Oil Protection

Our latest products all contain an increase in protection for a variety of lubricants and specifically oil-based products. What this does is it allows further flexibility in use and tailor for wider use within the community.

More so, we have increased the colour fastness so that it stays sleek, sexy and black for even longer. The material is still machine washable and dryer safe but we just ask that you remove any access fluid from the material prior to washing.

Directions of use and how to maintain the product is also presented on the back.

*Noiseless *Hypoallergenic

Made from 85% dacron 15% spandex, with TPU lamination

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