Pepee Lotion, pronounced 'peh peh' is a highly concentrated water-based lubricant that is comparably thicker than other European brands. It has a silky texture, long lasting and due to its high concentration level, only a small amount is needed. It is due to this high concentration that Pepee Lotion is Japan’s most popular. Due to its high viscosity the lotion stays in place which is great for toy use and anal play.

Pepee Lotion is already an established brand in Japan with over 15 varieties of lotion which can suit anyone’s requirement. As it is already well established and tested, Eroticgel Australia can provide a variety of types to meet your specific clientele.

The standard size is 360ml, but some varieties allow 50ml and 200ml options, although the 360ml bottle is the most popular and well known of the sizes.


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